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General/Reference: Articles

A Guide to Broad Library Resources Covering a Range of Subjects Available through Barton College


Journal Finder

The following links take you to alphabetical lists in Journal Finder of full-text journal titles that cover the following specific topics:


Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar will search the internet for scholarly journal articles.

However, many of those articles in Google Results lists require payment for access to the full text.

TIP:  To avoid having to pay to view, look for items in Google Scholar results that have links to the full text articles in the right margin adjacent to the citation (e.g., [PDF] from... or [HTML] from...).  click on those full-text links to access those scholarly sources for free.

General (Multi-Discipline) Article Database Sub-Tabs

The following sub-tabs on this Articles page contain links to a variety of current magazine, journal, and newspaper articles, as well as archived (historical) articles in those resources (or you can hover over the main tab to link to these sub-tabs as well):

‚ÄčThe boxes to the left provide tips for searching for articles; a Journal Finder widget for finding full-text magazines, journals, and newspapers by title; as well as a widget for searching Google Scholar for scholarly journal articles (keep in mind that Google Scholar  may require payment to see the full-text of articles appearing in its search results, whereas Hackney Library databases do not).