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Finding Articles: Refining results

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about finding scholarly research and articles

Search Results

Refining Results

Summon provides six quick ways to refine your search, just click the boxes that apply:

Items with full text online:

Limits your search to online material (journal articles, ebooks, etc.)

Limit to articles from scholarly publications:

Limits your search to scholarly, academic journal articles, conference reports etc.  It will remove books, popular magazines, trade publications, and newspapers from your search.

Exclude Newspaper Articles:

Newspaper articles are not usually suitable resources for academic assignments, so excluding them from your results is advisable.

Items in the library catalogue:

Limits your search to material from the library catalogue, primarily books and ebooks.

Add results from beyond your library's collection:

This will increase the number of results you get, but remember that you probably won't be able to access the full text of resources the Library does not subscribe to.

Additional filters and limits

Content Type:

Limiting your search by Content Type allows you to look for the kind of publication that is most likely to contain the information you need. By default, when searching for articles, only "Journal Articles" content type is selected.

Subject Terms:

Since words can be ambiguous, the subject terms are good for conceptualizing your search or further narrowing your topic.

Click the more... link to see the full list of subject options.

Publication Date: 

Slide the arrows on the graph to choose a range of years, or fill in a date range using the boxes below the graph.  Click Update to apply your changes.


Most of the material on Summon is in English, but this option may help if you are looking for material in another language. 

Click the more... link to see the full list of language options.