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Greenfield School--(Freshmen, Fall 2016): Home

Welcome to Barton College's Hackney Library!

This LibGuide will introduce you to some of the sources that you can use for finding information through our library's resources about Prohibition during the 1920s.

  • The Choosing the Best Information Sources tab will help you decide which sources are the best to use for specific kinds of information.
  • The Searching for Magazine Articles tab contains databases for finding magazine articles
  • The Searching for Historic/Archival Newspaper Articles tab contains two databases that give you access to back issues of a variety of newspapers.  These are good sources of info about what was going on in the US at the time of Prohibition.
  • The APA Style Resources tab contains tools to help you formulate your citations in APA style
  • The MLA Style Resources tab contains tools to help you formulate your citations in MLA style (8th edition).

Remember, if at any time you need assistance with your research, feel free to contact me (my contact info is in the boxes to the right; scroll down to see both), or any of the other reference librarians on duty in the library.  You also have access to help via reference online chat (see the NCKnows box to the left), via telephone (252-399-6502), and via email (

(Our regular library hours are listed in the box below this one.)

Hackney Library Hours

Regular Hours

8 am - Midnight
8 am - 8 pm
10 am - 7 pm
2 pm - Midnight pm (2pm - 6pm, hours when regular college not in session)