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Starting your Research: Getting Started

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about beginning a research project

Subject-specific research guides

The following Subject Guides provide suggestions of databases and other tools for finding books, articles, citation help, and more that are narrowly focused on each discipline.

Sample Research Plan

The following sample research plan may help you develop and keep track of search terms that are useful in finding information sources on your topic.  (For a blank form, and instructions on how to use it, see the Creating a Research Plan box below.) 

Creating a Research Plan

Make your search for resources more productive by using the following blank Research Plan worksheet:


  • Pose your topic in the form of a statement OR a question.
  • Choose 2-4 most important terms (keywords) drawn directly from your research statement/question and write each in the Keywords column in separate boxes.
  • In the synonyms column, write at least ONE synonym, or related term (broader or narrower) for each keyword.

Tip:  For ideas for synonyms/related terms, write down in the Synonyms/Related Terms column any subject headings from a helpful book or article citation record to use as potential search terms.

General Researching Overview

This guide was created by EasyBib and gives a great overview on the research process for beginners.