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Hackney Library

Barton College Academic Support

Barton College offers five major academic support areas: peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, oral communication tutoring, Smarthinking online tutoring, and success coaching.

Peer Tutoring

Welcome to Peer Tutoring at Barton College

What is Peer Tutoring?

  • Our Peer Tutoring program is staffed by students who have earned at least an A- in the class that they tutor and who have a cumulative grade point average of a 3.0 or better.  These students are paid students who have been trained and are either working toward or have achieved certification as a College Reading and Learning Association tutor.  

How to sign up for a tutor?

  • In many cases, you may sign up for a tutor simply by looking in your Canvas course.  Most courses that offer tutoring will have the tutor listed so that you can email them to set up an appointment.
  • You may also go to Campus Connect, to the Academic Info tab, and click on the link that says "Request a Peer Tutor."  Once you have completed the form associated with the link, the administrators of the tutoring program receive an email and assign you to the appropriate tutor for your course.  
  • The tutor will respond to your email with a Google calendar link.  Please click on this link and select the best time on the student's calendar for your tutoring schedule.

How do I meet up with the tutor?

  • At the appointed time of your meeting, simply come to the Hackney Library front desk. 
  • Tell the student worker that you are signing in for tutoring. He/she will take your information and invite you to wait in "The Tutor Meeting Place."  Simply look for "The Tutor Meeting Place" sign and have a seat. This sign has the pictures of all of the tutors on the back of it so please look to see who yours is so that you can recognize them when they come to meet you.
  • Please be sure to check out when your appointment ends.

What do I bring to my meeting?

  • Bring your syllabus and a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish in the appointment.
  • Bring your textbooks, calculators (if a math class), paper, pencils, and notes.
  • Come prepared with questions.
  • If you know your learning style and can share that with the tutor, knowledge of that style will help the tutor.

What are the peer tutoring hours?

  • Peer tutoring is available during the library hours.
  • All peer tutoring takes place in the Learning Commons of Hackney Library when the library is open.

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