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Hackney Library

Barton College Academic Support

Barton College offers five major academic support areas: peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, oral communication tutoring, Smarthinking online tutoring, and success coaching.

Peer Tutoring

Welcome to Peer Tutoring at Barton College

What is Peer Tutoring?

  • Our Peer Tutoring program is staffed by students who have earned at least an A- in the class that they tutor and who have a cumulative grade point average of a 3.0 or better.  These students are paid students who have been trained and are either working toward or have achieved certification as a College Reading and Learning Association tutor.  

How to sign up for a tutor?

  • In many cases, you may sign up for a tutor simply by looking in your Canvas course.  Most courses that offer tutoring will have the tutor listed under the people tab so that you can email them to set up an appointment.
  • The best way to sign up for a tutor is to go into any Canvas course.  On the left navigation bar, you will see the phrase "Schedule a Tutor."  When you click that button, it will take you to a page where you can choose the kind of tutor you desire (Writing Center, Oral Communication Center, or Peer Tutor).  The system is intuitive but if you need help, feel free to email us at or come by the Office of Academic and Career Planning in Hackney Library and we will help you.  
  • Please be sure that when you sign up for a tutor that you fully complete the form associated with making the appointment.  The form helps us best understand how to help you.

How do I meet up with the tutor?

  • All tutoring appointments occur in the Hackney Library Commons Area.  Meet your tutor in the sitting area by the sign labeled "The Tutor Meeting Space."  The tutor will likely not know what you look like but you will have seen his/her picture when you signed up so you will need to remember to greet them.

What do I bring to my meeting?

  • Bring your syllabus and a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish in the appointment.
  • Bring your textbooks, calculators (if a math class), paper, pencils, and notes.
  • Come prepared with questions.
  • If you know your learning style and can share that with the tutor, knowledge of that style will help the tutor.

What are the peer tutoring hours?

  • Peer tutoring is available during the library hours.
  • All peer tutoring takes place in the Learning Commons of Hackney Library when the library is open.

Need more information? Contact us at