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Hackney Library

Barton College Academic Support

Barton College offers five major academic support areas: peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, oral communication tutoring, Smarthinking online tutoring, and success coaching.

Oral Communication Center

Welcome to the  Barton College Oral Communication Center

Who are we?

  • Welcome to the Oral Communication Center.  The Oral Communication Center or OCC, as we like to call it, opened on January 19, 2016.  It was founded by a faculty committee known as the "Students Learning by Doing" Committee.  The OCC employs students who have excelled in the area of oral communication.  These students support students in learning to become excellent communicators and they support faculty in their efforts to teach oral communication.
  • We have four tutors:  Janae Cunningham, Stephen Foy, Tyler McNeill, and Elizabeth Sloop.

What do we do?

  • The OCC provides tutoring.  Our tutors are trained to support students in figuring out topics for assignments, brainstorming about those topics, honing speeches, practicing speeches, and organizing presentations.  The tutors will not do the work for you.  Rather, they serve as a sounding board so that you figure out how to be the best public presenter that you can be.  Tutors are ready and willing to serve any student, faculty, or staff member interested in improving oral communication skills.
  • The OCC offers classroom support.  If you are a faculty member teaching an oral intensive class or you desire your students to have added support, you may sign up to bring your class to the Oral Communication Center.  In some cases, we are able to send our tutors to your classroom.  Tutors are prepared to lead an entire class period on how to prepare and present a speech.  They will offer best practices in oral communication.  They can come to your classroom to record your students giving speeches and then send the videos to you.  With use of the video recording, you will be required to receive student feedback on each of the speeches.

When are we open?

  • Drop-in Hours:  The OCC offers two drop-in hours a week on Wednesdays from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  We will be closed on holidays.
  • Appointment Hours:  You can make an appointment with a tutor during the Library hours.  You will select a specific time with your tutor when you complete the tutor request form.  See "How do I Request a Tutor" below for more information.

Where are we located?

  • Drop-in Hours: Drop in hours are held in the Library Technology Classroom.
  • Appointment Hours:  Appointment hours may be held in the classroom or in the Social Justice Room. This location depends on the specific needs of your appointment and will be determined when you communicate with your tutor.
  • Class Sessions (for faculty):  Class sessions will be held in the Library Technology Classroom or in some cases, the tutor may come to your classroom.

How do I request a tutor?

  • Option One: Click on the OCC Tutor Request link in the left hand navigation bar on this page.  The link will take you to a form to complete.  Please give us as much information as possible. You will receive an email assigning a tutor to you. The tutor will then contact you by email and will share a Google Calendar link.  You can sign up through that link for your time. If a time does not work for you, please email the tutor to negotiate other options.
  • Option Two:  You may access the OCC Tutor Request form by going to Campus Connect. Click on Academic Info.  Scroll down to the "Request an Oral Communication Tutor."  Click the link and complete the form.
  • Option Three:  In some cases, you may find your tutor embedded in your Canvas Class.  Click on the People tab in your course.  Then email the tutor from your Canvas account.
  • For Faculty:  To request a tutor for your class, email Blythe Taylor, director of academic support, directly at

Need more information?  Contact us at