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Barton College Academic Support

Barton College offers five major academic support areas: peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, oral communication tutoring, Smarthinking online tutoring, and success coaching.

Supplemental Instruction

Welcome to Supplemental Instruction Program at Barton College

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

  • Supplemental Instruction or "SI" is a national program born out of the University of Missouri at Kansas City.  The program targets historically challenging classes and invites a student who previously made an A in the course to sit in the course again and offer review sessions outside of class.  At Barton, we offer two sessions per week throughout the semester.  SI leaders partner with SI faculty to be certain that students are comprehending complicated information.

What classes have it?

The following classes with have SI in the fall of 2018:

  • BIO 101 -- all sections
  • BIO 311
  • CHE 151
  • MTH 130 -- all sections

Who are the SI Leaders?

On the first day of class the SI Leaders will introduce themselves.  They are:

  • Katelyn Futrell, BIO 101 (Salger)
  • Ashlyn Glover, BIO 101 (Basinger)
  • Samantha Santmyers, CHE 151
  • Sierra Hearp, MTH 130 (Batten)
  • George Venturella, MTH 130 (Cai)
  • Khayla Mitchell, MTH 130 (Ranganathan)
  • Yasmine Sabado

Who are the SI faculty?

We are deeply indebted to our SI faculty.  SI faculty meet regularly with their leaders. Their willingness to support SI leaders is a large reason that SI works at Barton.  Meet our faculty:

  • Dr. Mark Basinger--BIO 101
  • Dr. Scot Salger--BIO 101
  • Dr. John Dogbe--CHE 151
  • Dr. Chelsie Batten--MTH 130
  • Dr. Zhixiong Cai--MTH 130
  • Dr. Murali Ranganathan--MTH 130

What difference does SI make?

Supplemental Instruction has the potential to increase your letter grade significantly.  On average, when a student attends regularly (not just before tests) we see the letter grades of students increase anywhere from 3/4 of a letter grade to a whole letter grade.  It is the regular attendance and interaction with SI that matters.

Questions about Supplemental Instruction? Contact us at