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Hackney Library

Greenfield School--(Freshmen, Fall 2017)

Links to Newspaper Archives/Historic Newspapers

The following database contains archival or back (older, not current) issues of a variety of newspapers; the examples given here are for the topic of Prohibition, but the process will be similar for other topics as well:  

  • Chronicling America, displays images of old newspapers from around the US, searchable by topic, by year, and by state.  You can email to yourself a persistent link to the copies of the text of articles.
    • Search for Alcohol Prohibition in the search box at the top
    • Limit your search date by clicking on the "from" date drop-down and choosing "1920" (when Prohibition was enacted)
    • Leave the "to" date at 1922 (when this database's coverage stops)
    • You can also limit your search by state; click in the "All states" box and click on a state of your choice.
    • Limit to "Full Text"
    • Limit Document Type to "Article"
    • Then click "Go"
    • Click on an article of your choice
    • Scroll to the bottom and copy the link to the article, and send it to yourself in an email.  (This is a free database that you can access from anywhere and does not require a password.)