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Barton College Geek Club

Geek Club Constitution

Constitution of Geek Club at Barton College

Article I: Name

  • The name of this organization shall be Geek Club at Barton College,

Article II: Purpose

  • The purpose is to provide members a place for belonging, socialization, and bonding over shared interests ensuring Barton College's geeks a "place at the table".

Article III: Membership

Section 1: General requirements
  • Membership is open to all Barton College students, faculty, and staff. Membership in this organization will not discriminate on the basis of sex or gender, race, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran or marital status, nor religious or political affiliation.
Section 2: Categories of membership
  • Active members of Geek Club shall be determined by the chapter activity. Honorary memberships may be granted by a vote of a quorum of the active members of the club.
Section 3: Qualification and Privileges
  • Active membership carries voting privileges and participation in activities and programs sponsored by the organization.
  • Active member qualifications are as follows:
    1. members must be currently enrolled at or employed by Barton College
    2. members must be in good standing as defined by the current Executive Board
Section 4: Selection
  • New members can join anytime during the academic year.  
Section 5: Removal
  • Members of Geek Club may be removed from chapter membership only for just cause by a vote of 3/4th of the entire voting membership.  Any such removal must be approved by the chapter Advisor.

Article IV: Meetings

Section 1
  • Meetings will be held every week during the academic year and special meetings may be called if necessary.
Section 2
  • Business will be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised. In case of voting tie, the President will cast the deciding vote.
Section 3
  • A quorum is two-thirds (2/3) of the active members.
Section 4
  • A simple majority, (50%, plus one) rules.

Article V: Dues

  • To make Geek Club as inclusive as possible there are no dues.

Article VI: Officers

Section 1: Declaration of Officers
  • The Geek Club officers shall be:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Recorder/Secretary
    • Treasurer
Section 2: Qualification for Officers
  • Only full-time students may serve as officers. In addition they must be an active member, as defined in Article III, Section 3. Officers may be Executive officers of other student organization(s) provided that they can still fulfill the duties of their Geek Club office to the satisfaction of the membership of Geek Club.
Section 3: Duties of the Officers
  • Provides leadership and overall direction for the campus chapter, responsible for planning fall elections and training of new officers. Prepares and maintains a calendar of scheduled chapter events, and oversee the chapter meetings.
  • Assists the President in the management of campus chapter affairs; fills in for the President in his/her absence; appoints member(s) to serve as coordinator of committee chairs as needed. Responsible for new membership recruitment and retention of current members; responsible for communication with inactive members to determine status.
  • Maintains membership records, conducts correspondence with the members and relevant others, issues announcements at all meetings, prepares and maintains the minutes of all meetings, and maintains historical records of the campus chapter.
  • Receives and disburses funds and manages the financial affairs of the campus chapter, keeps a voucher system to account for all expenses and serves as chairman of the fund raising committee.
Section 4: Election of Officers
  • A majority vote of the active membership will determine the election of officers.  Elections will be held at the first meeting of the club in the Fall semester for the coming academic year. Officers will serve a term of one full academic year.
Section 5: Removal of Officers
  • Officers can be recommended for removal by the Executive Board for just cause or if they fail to meet membership qualifications, fail to execute the duties of the office, or fail to satisfactorily attend the general and executive board meetings, unless excused by the President or Advisor(s).  Approval by a majority vote of the active membership is necessary.
Section 5: Officer Vacancy

In case of resignation or dismissal, the outgoing officer must notify the Executive Board, which consists of the officers and advisor(s). In the event that an Executive Board position is vacant, the following procedures should be used for replacement:

  1.  If the vacancy happens within the last 30 days of the spring semester, the President may appoint an interim Officer to manage the positions responsibilities until elections can be held.  
  2. If the President position is vacant, the Vice-President will move into that Office for the remainder of the academic year and a new Vice-President will be elected.
  3. If the Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer position is vacant, a new election is to be held.
  4. All vacancies must be announced at a regular weekly Geek Club meeting and communicated to all active Geek Club members. Nominations can be accepted immediately, but can not be finalized until the next regular meeting.  
  5. Voting for vacant positions must take place at a regularly scheduled meeting with a quorum of members present. A simple majority of the quorum shall be required for election.

Article VII: Advisor(s):

Section 1: Declaration of Advisor
  • A current full-time faculty/ staff member will be eligible to be the Campus Advisor(s).
Section 2: Advisor's Role
  • The advisor(s) shall work closely with the organization in coordinating activities to insure they are conducted in compliance with Barton College policies, and the laws of the United States, the state of North Carolina, and the City of Wilson.
Section 3: Advisor's Selection
  • The advisor(s) will be recommended by the Executive Board and elected by a majority vote of the active membership. The purpose of the advisor(s) is to help give members guidance in policies and procedures concerning this organization.
Section 4: Advisor's Removal
  • The advisor(s) will be removed for just cause at the recommendation of the Executive Board and removed by a majority vote of the active membership.

Article VIII:  Committees

Section 1:  Executive Committee
  • On a monthly basis, all Executive Board members are required to meet to discuss issues pertaining to the chapter.  All Committee chairs are required to attend these meetings as needed.
Section 2: Standing Committees
  • Geek Club will have the following Standing Committees:
  1. Fund Raising Committee;
  2. Programs Committee;
  3. Promotion Committee;
  4. Membership Committee;
  5. Publications and Services Committee.
  • Members sign up for committees in which they have an interest. A designated member serves as chairman for each committee. An executive board member may sit on each committee.  In case of a voting tie, the chairperson shall cast the deciding vote.
Section 3: Special Event Committees
  • Special event committees will be set up as needed by the campus chapter. The committee chair will report committee activities at each general meeting as appropriate.

Article IX: Responsibilities    

  • The organization will adhere to Barton College policies, the Constitution, and laws of the United States of America, the state of North Carolina, and the City of Wilson.

Article X: Amendments

Section 1: Amending the Geek Club Constitution
  • Proposed amendments to the constitution of the Geek Club must be brought forth during a regular business meeting.  The amendment must then be presented to a quorum of the organization at the next regular business meeting. All active members must be notified in writing of the proposed amendment.  A two-thirds vote of the active membership shall be required for adoption.
Section 2: Revision of the Geek Club Constitution
  • Any revision of the constitution must be submitted to the Director of Student Activities.