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Hackney Library

FYS 101 Hackney Library JIGSAW Training Center

This guide will help FYS "expert" students explain to their classmates how to use the library's home page and catalog to identify a book, locate it in the collection, and where to check it and other materials out.

Welcome to Hackney Library's JIGSAW Training Center!

As an "expert" student for your FYS class, you will be learning (and also training your classmates) about how to find the Hackney Library's home page, use the library's catalog on the home page to find a book, learn where in the library the book is located, and finally where and how to check it out.  This guide will help you as an "expert" trainer, and it will help your fellow classmates if they have questions.

Why does this matter?  Because when you are looking for scholarly information for a class assignment that is comprehensive (in both depth and breadth regarding your topic) and places your topic in context of what research has gone before and where it needs to head in the future, a book is a good choice of information source.

Use the links on the left sidebar in sequence to guide you through the process of identifying and locating a relevant book (and to show your classmates how to do so as well).