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Hackney Library

FYS 101: Bulldog Skills Workshop--Library Skills Using One-Search

Library Skills--Introduction to Using One-Search

This Bulldog Skills Workshop will show you how to find Hackney Library's web page and use the tool called One-Search to locate an electronic article in a magazine and an electronic book (e-book).

Why One-Search?  This tool allows you to search almost all of our electronic resources (articles, e-books, other e-items) with a single, simultaneous search.  Think of it as a Google-type search, but of appropriate academic information sources (which often isn't the case with Google search results).

Advantages to using One-Search:  

  • One-Search is a good place to start when you are exploring a topic to see how much information is available on it in electronic format (it does not include our catalog of print books).
  • It can be a good, fast way to find information with a single search across a wide variety of vendor platforms and types of information (e-books, articles, dissertations, etc.).

Disadvantages to using One-Search:

  • Because it is working across so many different non-standardized platforms, One-Search results can be glitchy (you limit your search to an e-book and instead you get articles scattered through your search results)
  • The number of One-Search results you get can be very high (in the millions sometimes), and it can be overwhelming to filter and sort through the results to find what you need.  (When these things happen, it's best to search each database individually so that the limits you put on your search are reflected accurately in your search results.)

Now that we've introduced you to One-Search, let's go to Step 1 in the left sidebar to see where you need to go to find it so that you can use it.