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Hackney Library

FYS: Archival Exercise

A LibGuide containing images of pictures and documents for use in FYS Classes

Barton College Publications--Primary Sources

The following links are to the online versions of these primary-source College publications, but print copies of The Collegiate are available to the present day, and print copies of the Pine Knot are also available in Hackney Library.  (Ask a reference librarian for assistance in accessing the print copies of either of these.)  Remember, primary sources give you an on-the-ground account of eyewitnesses at the time of your document or artifact.

Barton College Publications--Secondary Sources

 In addition to the primary sources above, two copies of the College's latest history,  Barton College:  Our Century (2002), below left, plus two copies of the older history of the College by C. C. Ware, A History of Atlantic Christian College (1956), below right, are on reserve at the circulation desk for use in the library.  These histories are considered secondary sources, which help you place in context, with a bit of distance, your document or artifactThey are also helpful in dating your archival item, if it does not already have a date associated with it.