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Hackney Library

New Student Orientation

Hackney Library is committed to helping students succeed academically while here at Barton College by providing the resources and services you need to do so.

Group and Individual Study Areas/Tutoring Assistance

Quiet Study Areas

Individual study carrels and both individual and group study rooms (primarily on the library's second floor--the 'Quiet Zone') are available for students to use for more quiet study. The group study rooms are equipped with either whiteboards or chalkboards, and whiteboard markers/erasers and chalk/erasers are available for checkout from the circulation desk.

Collaborative Study Areas Group

Tables, brainstorming tables with whiteboard, sofas and easy chairs, plus the library classroom, are available for collaborative study on the library's first floor. Small portable dry-erase boards and markers to be used for collaborative study are available for check-out from the circulation desk. Quiet conversation and collaboration are encouraged on this floor.

Learning Café

The library has a Learning Café area located on the first floor inside the front door, complete with diner-style booths and café tables available for collaborative study. This comfortable area has proven popular with students using laptops, doing group work, or taking a break from studying to relax. It is adjacent to the popular magazine display shelves.  Hot beverages are available for purchase in this area, as well as cold drinks and snacks in the adjacent vending room.

Tutoring Sessions

Hackney Library hosts group tutoring as well as individual peer tutoring sessions that are coordinated by the Office of Student Success, which is also located in the library building.  Sign-in and sign-out for tutoring takes place at the library circulation desk.