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Willis N. Hackney Library

Finding Books

A. Collection = Location in the Library

Here in Section A of the Finding Books online guide, we will focus on the "Collection," which corresponds to the physical location in the library building of each of the groups of items in our catalog (therefore, collection = location).  Our library contains many collections (including General, Fiction, Curriculum Lab, Audiovisual, to name a few).

To know where to find your book, you first need to know:

  1. what collection it is shelved in, and
  2. where that collection is physically located in the library. 

Most of our items are located in various collections on the second floor of the library.  Scroll down to look at the following floor plan of the library's second floor and find the General Collection, highlighted in red (this is the largest collection in the library and takes up much of the second floor):


Next, scroll down to Section B to see how to locate where this book on animal rights is located in the library.

B. Finding the Collection/Location of "Animal Rights and Wrongs"

Let's look again at the record for the book Animal Rights and Wrongs. In the screen shot below, notice the left-hand cell of the three-celled table in the middle of the record (it is circled in red):



The content of the Collection cell lets you know where in the building you need to go to retrieve that book--in this case, the General Collection (which you now know is located on the second floor of the library).  Don't forget that you can use your floor plan to help you locate collections.

To see how to find the book within the General Collection, click on Step 4 in the left sidebar.