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Willis N. Hackney Library

Finding Books

Finding the Book on a Shelf Within the General Collection

Now that you know in what Collection the book you're looking for is housed, you need to find it on a shelf within that collection.  You do this by identifying the book's call number, the number on its spine that is assigned to it based on the subject it covers. 

In our library, we use the Dewey Decimal System to classify most items, including books.  Books and other items that are on similar topics are given similar call numbers (for example, books on religion are assigned Dewey Decimal call numbers in the 200s, books on education and the social sciences in the 300s, books on language in the 400s, books on math and science in the 500s, and so on, up through the 900s). 

To find the call number of your book, look in the catalog record's central "Shelf Location" cell of the table, in this case for the book Animal Rights and Wrongs.  Notice that the call number is circled in red in the catalog record that follows.  (Note that when you are locating the book, you will need to write down ALL the numbers and letters in the "Shelf Location" cell in order to find the book on the shelf.):

Now that you know the call number of your book (179.3 Scr84a), you're almost there.  To make sure that your book is available on the shelf, you must look at one more item in the catalog record.  Click on Step 5 in the left sidebar to see what that is...