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Willis N. Hackney Library

Finding Articles by Searching Individual Databases

Why Search Individual Databases for Articles Instead of Using One-Search (Summon)?

Sometimes it is easier to to get consistent results by searching individual article databases for articles rather than searching One-Search (Summon), because One-Search can often give you muddied results (you don't always get what you ask for in One-Search results) and n One-Search, it can be difficult to really customize your search and make your limits stick.

You may want to start your individual database searching by choosing a database that covers a wide variety of topics, like those in the box below for Multi-Subject Databases.

However, you may find as you continue searching that you may need more in-depth articles in a particular discipline or subject-area than the multi-subject databases can provide because they are covering such a wide range of topics.  For more in-depth resources by discipline, scroll down to the box for Subject-Specific Guides.

For step-by-step examples of searches for a magazine article and a journal article (one in a database from the vendor EBSCO and the other in a database from the vendor ProQuest ), see the links for Sample Searches in the sidebar to the left.

Search Individual Multi-Subject Databases for Magazine and Journal Articles

Search the following general databases individually for articles published in magazines academic journals, and newspapers on many different topics. 

  • Limit to full-text articles by checking the "full text" limit.
  • Limit to Magazines by checking that limit
  • Limit to Journals by checking "Peer Reviewed," "Refereed," or "Scholarly/Academic Journals"

See step-by-step sample searches for both magazine articles and journal articles in the links to the left under "Magazine/Journal Articles" in the left sidebar.

See our Guide to the differences between Journal and Magazine articles, and when to use each.

To Locate Databases by Subject, Title, Type, or Vendor

To search for resources by the discipline(s) they cover (e.g., Business, Education, History, Psychology, etc.), by type (books, e-books, magazine articles, primary sources, etc.), by the vendor who provides them (EBSCO, ProQuest, LexisNexis, etc.), or by title alphabetically (e.g., JSTOR, ERIC, ABI-INFORM, etc.), click on the following link:

  • Select the subject for which you want to find resources/databases from the drop-down menu in the "All Subjects" box on the top left of the page.  
    • Once your subject is chosen, the "recommended" database name(s) will appear in the yellow box.  These are good to start with for that subject/discipline, and are accessible by clicking on the database name.
    • All other resources associated with that subject will appear below the yellow box.
  • To search by Resource Type, click on the drop-down menu in the "All Resource Types" box and select your choice(s) from the options listed there.
  • To search by Vendors, click on the drop-down menu in the "All Vendors/Providers" box and select from the options listed there.
  • Still need help?  Try a Research Guide!

Subject-Specific Guides

Locate Full-Text Journals & Magazines Using Journal Finder

The ​Journal Finder tool will identify journals, magazines, and newspapers to which Hackney Library has full text access.

  • Type in the name of the journal or magazine whose articles you want to read in the full-text (for example, Nutritional Neuroscience).  Journal Finder will then tell you whether or not we have full-text access to that publication, and if so, in what database and for what dates.
  • You may also browse Journal Finder for a list of journals, magazines, and newspapers on specific disciplines/topics by clicking in the "Browse by Subject" drop-down box and selecting the desired subject.

(For access to Journal Finder from off campus, log in with your Barton username and password.)