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Online Tutorial--APA-Style Citations, 7th Edition

This online tutorial walks you through how to create reference and in-text citations in APA Style's 7th edition.

Online Tutorial: APA-Style Citations (7th ed.)

In this step-by-step online tutorial, you will learn how to "cite" (in other words, to document) in APA Style (7th ed.) various information sources such as books and articles (just a few of many kinds of sources you may eventually need to cite)  that are created by someone other than yourself that you use in an academic assignment.   You will also learn why it's important to cite your sources.   

While there are many citation styles that correspond to different subject areas or disciplines of academic study, in this workshop, you will follow the steps in the left sidebar in order to learn how to cite sources in APA Style, one of the biggies used in a lot of majors on our campus.   

What is APA Style?  Let's go to Step 1 (below right or in the left sidebar) to learn more.