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FYS 102: Bulldog Skills Online Workshop: APA-Style Citations, 7th Edition

APA Assessment

Now you will put your newly-acquired APA Skills into practice in this assessment.  Feel free to go back and look at the examples you've already seen in this Workshop to help you.   You will be practicing creating reference and in-text citations for a print book and an electronic article.

Click on the link below to access the Bulldog Skills Workshop:  APA Assessment document.  When you click on the link, a Word document will be downloaded.  Open the Word doc, print it out, and follow the directions to complete it. 

IMPORTANT:  Once you complete the APA Assessment, you will need to do BOTH OF THE FOLLOWING TO GET CREDIT FOR THIS WORKSHOP:

  • Take a picture (or scan) both pages of the assessment, and post it to your FYS Canvas course where your instructor directs you to do so.
  • Bring the paper copy of your completed assessment to the Reference/Research Help Desk in Hackney Library (if you want to to know how well you did, we'll be happy to talk it over with you!)