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Willis N. Hackney Library

PSY 371: Experimental Psychology

This guide is designed to direct students to resources they will find valuable in their research for PSY 371: Experimental Psychology.

Creating a Research Plan


  • Pose your topic in the form of a statement OR a question.
  • Choose 2-4 most important terms (keywords) drawn directly from your research statement/question and write each in the Keywords column in separate boxes.
  • In the synonyms column, write at least ONE synonym, or related term (broader or narrower) for each keyword.

Tip:  For ideas for synonyms/related terms, write down in the Synonyms/Related Terms column any subject headings from a helpful article to use as potential search terms.

Sample Research Plan

Below is a link to a sample research plan concerning the topic "Hindsight Bias."  Click on the link to download and access the Word document containing the plan.