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Willis N. Hackney Library

Greenfield Upper School Students

This is a guide to assist Greenfield Upper School students conducting research.

When to Use (and When NOT to Use) Newspaper Articles

DO USE a newspaper article as your information source. . .
  • . . . if you're looking for very current news, analysis, and editorials (opinion pieces) on your topic (newspapers are typically published daily or weekly)
  • . . . if you're looking for very specific, narrowly-focused information about a particular event or action in a specific locale (local, national, or international)
  • . . . if you're looking for primary sources (direct or first-hand evidence of an event, person, object,, etc., written by participants, during the time period, or reflected in officials' quotes, in interviews, eyewitness accounts, speeches, etc.)
DO NOT USE a newspaper article as your information source. . . 
  • . . . if you're looking for current research by experts in the field on your topic
  • . . . if you're looking for a broad, comprehensive treatment of your topic in great detail that places your topic in historical context

News & Newspaper Article Database Sub-Tabs

The following sub-categories under this main page contain links to a variety of news and newspaper article resources.

In the left sidebar (you may have to scroll down to see them all):