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Find out about the great services available to patrons of Hackney Library at Barton College

Wilson County Public Library Members

Hackney Library serves the Wilson County community as well as the Barton College campus. We offer internet access to community patrons, and we have a reciprocal borrowing agreement with the Wilson County Public Library. This allows Barton College students to check out materials from the public library, and public library patrons to check out books from the college library. Print & fill out the following form:

Usage Policies

Once signed up, see above, patrons with a valid Wilson County Public Library card can check out materials from Hackney Library. Any patron in poor standing with either Hackney Library or Wilson County Public Libraries is subject to suspension of their privileges from both. New members must bring their Wilson County Library card and sign an agreement form before they can check out Hackney Library materials.

Circulation Privileges
  • 10 checkouts at once
  • 3 week checkout period
  • 1 renewal
  • Overdue materials will be charged 10¢ per day per item;
  • Library Use Only
    • Reference
    •  Periodicals
    • Audiovisuals
  • Non-circulating materials
    • Laptops / Equipment
    • Class Reserves
Computer Privileges
  • Hackney Library has 2 available public access computers. These computers are only available if they are not in use by Barton students at the time of the request for use--Barton students' use takes first priority;
  • Patrons must present a valid picture ID and register on a list at the reference desk with their name, address, time, and date logged on the computer. (This registration information is kept confidential, although it is subject to the United States Patriot Act.)
  • Users are allotted one hour per day of computer access.
  • There is no guarantee that computers will be available at any given time.
  • During final exams, there is no public access to the library's computers.
  • Users under the age of 18 searching Internet sites other than through the library web page are asked to be in the company of their parent or guardian.
  • Printing
    • Black&White printouts = 25¢ per page
    • Color printouts = 50¢ per page