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In 1854, Hackney and Sons was organized by Willis N. Hackney, as a carriage shop in Wilson, North Carolina.  In 1877, the company became known as Hackney Brothers, one of the largest manufacturers of buggies and wagons in the South.  The present name, Hackney Brothers Body Company, was adopted in 1914, and formally incorporated in 1920.  It was in these early years that the company pioneered the manufacture of school bus bodies and refrigerated bodies.  The company was sold in 1996, when this collection was given to Barton College.  Two of the presidents of Hackney Brothers Body Company, Thomas J. Hackney, Sr., and Thomas J. Hackney, Jr., were both Chairmen of the Board of Trustees at Atlantic Christian College during their tenures at Hackney Bros.  The bulk of the collection consists of capital assets (invoices), brochures, and photographs.  The collection can be accessed here.





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The Barton Collection is a collection of books, pamphlets, and other printed sources dealing with the College and the Wilson community.  The Library collects institutional histories and biographies, works of local history, and books written or edited by Barton College faculty, staff and alumni.                                                                                                                                                           


Hackney Library's Special Collections will soon include a North Caroliniana Collection of archival material related to the state. Look for a new page on this website as this collection grows. In the meantime, acquisitions for the North Caroliana Collection will be highlighted here.


Robert J. Engstrom, of Wilson, recently made a generous gift to Hackney Library of a full 16 volume set of :

A history of the civil war, 1861-65, and the causes that led up to the great conflict, by Benson J. Lossing, LL. D., and a chronological summary and record of every engagement, showing the total losses and casualties together with war maps of localities, comp. from the official records of the War department. Illustrated with fascimile photographic reproductions of the official war photographs, taken at the time by Matthew B. Brady, under the authority of President Lincoln and now in the possession of the War department, Washington, D. C.

This item is now available for viewing and research. To experience a digitized version of this important work, click the image above.


As I Recall, by Benjamin E. Washburn. Click here to see a fascinating chapter on the campaign to eliminate hookworm in eastern North Carolina in the early 20th century.