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Willis N. Hackney Library

Career Exploration

This guide provides tools and resources to help you identify careers you may be interested in and descriptions of them. It also provides resources to identify potential graduate programs in your field of interest.

Identifying Professional Associations for Various Careers

Often, professional associations for many given careers have publications or web sites that can give you great insight into what the current issues are facing those in that particular profession and what a career in that profession is like.  They sometimes also post current job openings on their association web site.  

In the left sidebar, click on the links under the Professional Associations section to see suggested professional associations by major (you may have to scroll down inside that section of the sidebar to see them all), or do a web search for them using your favorite browser.

Tips:   When searching the internet to find professional associations, type the job title and the term "professional associations."   

EXAMPLE:  In a search for professional associations aimed at clinical social workers might do a search for "clinical social worker" AND "professional associations"

Substitute the job title you're researching in place of "clinical social worker," and AND it with "professional associations."