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Willis N. Hackney Library


A guide to help you find appropriate resources for academic projects in history.

Other History Resources

Other Online Resources for History:  The resources on this page consist of databases containing information other than articles (such as the slave narratives, maps, Supreme Court cases, statistics, etc.) and web sites (some scholarly, some not) that might prove helpful for research.  For web sites, always consult your instructor to make sure they'll be acceptable for scholarly research. The content of this page is sub-divided in these links in the left sidebar:

  • The History Resources section in the left sidebar provides links to resources for North Carolina and American history, slave narratives, and genealogy information.
  • The Genealogy Resources section in the left sidebar provides access to family and local history records, census data, and more.
  • The Statistics section in the left sidebar provides links to a variety of sources of all kinds of statistical data, including local, state, national, and international.
  • The Civil Rights section in the left sidebar provides links to databases containing primary source materials dealing with civil rights in the United States.

Click on the links under Other Resources in the left sidebar to access the specific resources within each.